What To Know About Wix

Aren’t we all just bloody sick of Wix ads everywhere? Well I don’t know about you… but I am. I can’t go to youtube without being told about it, even though I have no interest in making a real website. But anyways – lets talk about whether Wix is any good.

First, if you’re unfamiliar with it, here’s a good video on WIX:

And as far as roundups on Wix, a couple of good one’s I’ve found are at WebsiteToolTester (linked) and OutwitTrade (linked). I like these, because they give you a ton of information about it. The WebsiteToolTester link goes into details about the features of Wix and what it does, while the OutwitTrade link goes on about who should use Wix and why (they collected a lot of different reviews from people who apparently use Wix).

My opinion is actually that you should just use WordPress. Well, that’s unless you are REALLY, REALLY terrified of code.

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