Manufacturing News is a market and industry research newspaper that started as as a small column in the popular financial news service in the US. It was a column by the market and industry research professionals for the market and industry research professionals. The genesis of Manufacturing News lies in the power of digging deep for facts and reading between the lines and keeping the business world up to date through research.

Our strength has been to continuously innovate and reinvent ourselves. From a column to an independent news service, the story of Manufacturing News has been that of a steady growth by adapting to the dynamic business environment, without losing focus on our core domain of market and industry research.

Manufacturing News provides up to date news and analysis about market research and industry research in some of the most search verticals around the world including healthcare, science and technology, industrial machines and equipment, food and beverages, chemicals among others.

Manufacturing News’ reader base has been ever increasing thanks to its strengths in journalistic capabilities in sync with appetite for industrial and market research information.